Old School Skateboard Tricks You’ll Always Want to Flaunt

The artwork or skateboarding developed throughout the ’70s, and has advanced rather a lot thereafter. One can carry out many various tips with the assistance of a skateboard. Most talked about on this write-up have originated within the 1970s, and have undergone some adjustments over time, and newer ones have been developed too.

The 360 Spin

The ‘360 spin’ trick was fashionable throughout the 1970s. This decade witnessed competitions between skate boarders who would carry out the utmost variety of rotations. The document of 163 full rotations set by Russ Howell within the yr 1977 remains to be unbroken. Variations of the 360 spin are one-footed spins, nostril spins, and hang-ten spins.
This trick is known as after Bobby Casper Boyden. To carry out this stunt, the again foot must be positioned on the highest of the tail, whereas the entrance foot should be close to the nostril. So as to exit, a rolling flip is carried out. Nevertheless, there are a lot of alternative ways to exit the trick.


The Butterflip was invented by Keith Butterfield, and one must do a ‘heelside railstand’ to carry out it. As soon as in a heelside railstand place, each the legs must be hopped and positioned side-by-side on the board. The hole between the toes ought to hardly be 1 or 2 inches. The leg which isn’t above the wheels of the board is used to place stress on the top of the board. As stress is utilized, the board pops up on the aspect of the physique which has the foot positioned above the wheels. The board is grabbed with the fingers after it pops up.


The 50-50 trick is much like the Casper. It’s carried out with the board held the other way up. Right here, the again foot must be positioned on the again truck as an alternative of the again tail. The trick could possibly be carried out both by holding the nostril of the board with the fingers, or by utilizing the entrance foot.


The Ollie is taken into account to be the ‘trick of all tips’, and permits the skateboarder to succeed in a certain quantity of vertical top. Whereas performing this trick, the skater pops down with the again foot on the tail of the board. With this, the nostril of the board pops up, and the rider then drags it utilizing the entrance foot, which helps in elevating the board greater. He then lifts the again foot and stops the drag. The again portion of the board too rises to the identical top as that of the entrance. The board is alleged to be ‘leveled out’ on this place. The rider then will get able to land on the bottom with all 4 wheels at a time.


To carry out this trick, the skateboard must be used like a pogo stick. One foot must be positioned on the underside truck of the board, whereas the opposite foot must be pressed onto the grip tape aspect. Variation may be introduced on this trick by lifting one of many toes off the board, and grabbing the nostril.