Saturn And Pluto Changing Signs, The Natural Zodiac vs The Personal Experience

You talked about reflecting on what’s occurred within the 4th, fifth, and sixth homes (from the pure chart, proper?). However wouldn’t it be extra necessary to mirror on the final three homes that Saturn has transited in our personal chart? In different phrases, are we nonetheless climbing the (pure chart) mountain even when Saturn is definitely descending on our natal chart?

StephB – no, it doesn’t translate. The quadrants are outlined as proven in the diagram. In different phrases, homes 5, 6 and seven so not characterize a quadrant.

The state of affairs outlined within the submit applies to everybody. It impacts the collective. Whenever you use your personal chart, it’s extra private.

For instance, I’ve Saturn transiting my ninth now and have to observe what I publish, and many others. However I’m nonetheless a part of the collective. I’m sorry if that is onerous to know. It’s superior Chinese astrology I assume, however right here’s one other instance:

When Saturn transited Virgo all of us watched our mouths and paid thoughts our food plan – the govenrment obtained concerned in well being care, and vehicles and many others. and these items affected us all.

However personally Saturn was transiting my eighth home and I’ve handled very heavy loss throughout this era. I’ve additionally mixed assets with the soldier, discovered to handle my intense power and handled the shadow facet of just about all the pieces… and communicated it to an extent.

In order that’s that. Quadrants (7 years chunks) don’t apply to me personally a this time as nothing is crossing an angle nevertheless I’m a part of the collective (and delicate to it) so I’m effectively conscious of the cracks within the basis.

As one other instance, when Pluto hit Capricorn, it crossed an angle within the pure chart. We’re seeing the shadow facet of presidency, large enterprise and parenting and this results us all.

Personally, Pluto is transiting my 12th home and the result’s excessive sensitivity (no boundaries) between me and collective. I additionally see that I’ve to serve (12th) with Pluto power or I’ll endure.